Downstream excavation confinement (Viereth, Main)

For the project "Refurbishment of Viereth weir - gate replacement", the lack of an "n-1" condition on the Viereth weir resulted in an excavation solution, which would allow for flood release via the excavation pit in a flood event.

By implementing a special solution as a downstream excavation confinement with a rigid steel sill, mobile gates and removable pillars, and in combination with the floating upstream inspection gate, a theoretical discharge capacity of 300 m³/sec via the construction site is achieved. This allows for upgrading the weir system without any additional bypass so that the discharge capacity of approx. 1,200 m³/sec (summer floods) and the related flood protection for the town of Bamberg upstream of the Viereth weir system is maintained.

Project planning
Structural planning
Manufacture supervision
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