Complete refurbishment of Würzburg weir (Würzburg, Main)

In the framework of the complete refurbishment of the right-hand weir of the Würzburg barrage, IRS and KREBS+KIEFER Karlsruhe were responsible for overall planning. The complexity of the general conditions (restricted space due to an existing bridge, monument preservation, public traffic, site logistics due to the difficult accessibility of the site) had to be considered.

The weir is designed as a fish-belly flap with single-sided drive and bolted-on chute. It is used to control flood release and/or the water level at the Würzburg barrage. For dismantling and/or inspecting the hydraulic cylinder, the flap may be locked manually in the damming position (with a freeboard of <300 mm) by means of a special structure. In order to be able to set down the flap on the sill completely, two bearing structures for the set-down position were provided on the flap's downstream side.

Our engineering partner KREBS+KIEFER Karlsruhe planned the solid construction elements as well as the temporary upstream and downstream excavation confinements. In addition, KREBS+KIEFER provided health and safety coordination services. Workshop drawings for the gate body and its mounting parts were prepared in cooperation with the gate manufacturer.

Technical data:
- Weir field width: 10.85 m
- Max. fall height: 2.75 m
- Discharge capacity: 40 m³/sec
- Air bubble installation
- Heating of lateral contact surfaces
- Gate body as fish-belly flap with single-sided hydraulic drive
- Inspection gate with accessible back and bulkheads to be used both upstream and downstream; filling valves

Structural planning
Project planning