Flood protection radial gate (Ipswich, UK)

Ipswich is located in the south-east of England. The radial gate was installed as flood protection for the city of Ipswich and separates the Orwell river from the North Sea.

The hydro-mechanical gate is designed as an accessible, pressure-tight hollow body. The gate arms are connected to the gate's back and serve to discharge the loads via the pivot bearings into the solid construction. The radial gate is moved to the relevant positions by two hydraulic cylinders. In the operating position, the gate body is rotated downward into a pit in order to allow for navigation on the river. For flood protection, the radial gate is moved into the damming position. For maintenance purposes, the gate may be swivelled upward completely. This allows for navigation on the river and the trouble-free inspection of the gate at the same time.

Scope of planning:
- Radial gate with all accessories, clear width: 20 m, height: 8.71 m
- Drive units including bearings
- Pivot bearings
- Locking mechanism
- Reinforcement / embedded parts
- Accesses / maintenance facilities

Project planning
Structural planning
Technical equipment