Lock of Xayaburi dam (Mekong, Laos)

Xayaburi dam is currently under construction; it is a dam with a hydropower station and a navigation lock on Mekong river in Sainyabuli province in the north of Laos.  The Xayaburi dam wall will have a length of 810 m and a height of 49 m and will raise the water level by 32 m.

The contractor involved in the planning/construction work, Pövry Schweiz AG, commissioned IRS as inspectors for the hydro-mechanical structures of the lock (mitre gates, inspection gates, hoists, floating bollards, anti-collision ropes and boat transportation system), and as a technical consultant. The locks’ large lifting height of approx. 20 m and the considerable resulting gate heights (>= 25 m), as well as the general conditions on site (e.g. heavy sediment freight in Mekong river) represented particular challenges.

Scope of planning:
- Structural review of the hydro-mechanical structures
- Design review of the hydro-mechanical structures
- Technical consultation regarding the Structural planning

Technical data:
- Chamber width: 12.00 m
- Largest lock lifting height: ~20.00 m
- Largest gate height (mitre gate): ~25.00 m
- Largest gate weight (mitre gate): ~120 t