Weddewarder Tief lock structure (Weddewarden, Bremerhaven)

The lock in the northern dike of container terminal 4 drains large areas of land in the Lower Saxony region surrounding Bremerhaven (Grauwall area), as well as parts of the seaside city. The new lock replaces the old lock structure at the southern edge of Weddewarden.

The lock consists of two openings with a width of six metres each. Each opening was fitted with two lifting gates. This ensures double the functional safety. Should one lifting gate fail, the other one provides protection against flooding and storm surges.

Scope of planning:
- Lifting gates: Height = 5100 mm; width = 6350 mm; weight = 4 x 11 t
- Inspection gates:
Height = 1000 mm; width = 6400 mm; weight = 15 x 1 t
- Lifting beams for lifting the inspection gates
- Hydraulic cylinder: Tensile force = 355 kN; compression force = 75 kN

Structural planning
Technical equipment