Feasibility study regarding complete refurbishment / new construction (Neckarsulm, Neckar)

Neckarsulm weir is located at kilometre point 107.07 of the river Neckar and was constructed on a rock foundation in 1925. It is used for controlling the water level and serves as flood protection.
The weir comprises 4 weir fields with a clear width of 17 m each, and is equipped with two double gates as well as two single gates. The hydro-mechanical structures were partially refurbished in 1950. Due to the gates' age and the vibrations, which cannot be eliminated, the system required significant refurbishment work.

In the course of a feasibility study regarding complete refurbishment / new construction, IRS in cooperation with grbv (solid construction) analysed various gate systems and their arrangement for the variants of "complete refurbishment of the weir" and "new construction". As a result of the feasibility study, a tainter gate with fish-belly flap to be arranged in a new structure upstream of the existing weir was recommended.

Scope of planning:
- Variant studies for various gate systems and arrangements in the existing weir and new construction
- Preparation of cost estimates for the variants